This Conversation Is Good

This blog is new, but I’m already enjoying the conversation it’s stimulating.  I believe God reveals Himself in four ways — (1) through His Word, the Bible, (2) through His creation, (3) through His Holy Spirit, and (4) through people.  It’s this fourth means of revelation that we can enjoy on a blog such as this.  God never intended for us to be solo Christians.  We need each other!  So, to anyone reading this blog, please join the conversation.  It’ll be better with you being a part of it.  Here’s a question — Who has God used in the past to speak a significant message to you?  Let’s talk!

3 responses to “This Conversation Is Good

  1. Rachel November 16, 2007 at 10:12 am

    I try very hard to not “see” God in every situation and incident because I don’t want to view myself as a Muppet and God as Jim Henson. That being said, I have seen Him place me in situations with people who He knew would guide me, encourage me and help me grow spiritualy. What really amazes me is how perfectly He orchestrates the situation for me. God has put a spiritual mentor in my life who has graciously allowed me to journal, quite frequently, on my life. This mentor doesn’t review, critque or really comment on my writings. I think God choose this mentor because he won’t lecture me or counsel me. He just patiently reads my writings, which are really, truly, my grappling with God.
    God uses situations more than words to guide me.

  2. Eamonn November 18, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    Some interesting things have happened to me while at work this past week or two.

    One of them was when a lady that I work with asked me, out of the blue, what religion I was. I told her I was a Christian, and she was asking about the afterlife, and what happens when we die. I told her the belief of the Christian religion when it comes to that, and I witnessed for Jesus in a small way.

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was apprehensive about witnessing for Jesus. I’m trying to shed my life-long shyness (and finding that with Jesus’ help, I’m actually starting to be successful with that). But it’s still hard when it comes to witnessing. I guess I must not be strong enough in my faith yet, or something. I don’t know. Because witnessing shouldn’t be hard. But it can be.

    Anyway, after I talked to this lady about Jesus, I felt such a rush. Major goosebumps, and a huge smile on my face. I don’t know if it always feels like that to witness for Christ, or if it was only because it was my first time actually doing it, but at any rate, I want to feel like that again.

    Another thing that happened was, the other day, before work started, I was sitting at my station reading a book on prophecy. A guy I work with came over and asked me what I was reading. I closed my book and told him the subject of the book. He asked me when I thought the end times were going to happen. I told him I didn’t know, but that a lot of signs were pointing to it being within the near future.

    He then mentioned to me about no one knowing but only God Himself, and the part in the book of Daniel, about sealing the scroll until the time of the end.

    He then went to talk to someone else, and I went back to my book. I turned the page, and there was that very quote on the page. I got chills. If that’s not an example of God and his perfect timing, I don’t know what is.

    Also, a couple of other people have talked to me a little about faith. I really believe that, since my faith is increasing at an ever-increasing pace, God is working through these people to actively reach me, to bolster me up, and to give me confidence in being outgoing when talking about faith, religion, and Jesus.

    I went to Battlecry in Detroit last year with our youth group, and Ron Luce was talking about his different levels of being God’s own. They were:

    Seeker of God: Christians who attend church and study groups but depart from God when it’s convienient for them.

    Student of God: those who actively try to read the Bible and learn more of Jesus’ lessons.

    The ultimate, stalker of God: So committed to finding out more, that they learn things that nobody else knows about.

    Anyway, I feel that Luce is right on the money with this terminology.

    I once was a seeker of God; it wasn’t all that long ago, in fact. I wanted God in my life, but only on my terms; I didn’t want him around when I wanted to pursue my own selfish desires.

    Once I grew a little more in my faith, I moved out of that phase and became a student of God. I was reading the Bible more and more, and wanted to know all of what Jesus had to say.

    And now, within the past month or two, I can say with a good degree of confidence, that I have moved into the stalker of God phase. I still stumble from time to time, as we all do, but I know that God forgives me and loves me, and I don’t take that forgiveness and love lightly, because I know that as things stand right now, I don’t deserve it. None of us do.

    Now, as a stalker of God, I want to know everything humanly possible about God and Jesus, and I know without a doubt that he knows of this desire of mine.

    I’m a stalker of God, and now I truly feel (and I’m starting to see more and more) that God is a stalker of me.

  3. Dave Claassen November 18, 2007 at 6:55 pm


    A stalker after God, I like that. But I think you are also right in seeing God as a stalker after you. It was C.S. Lewis who referred to God as the “hound of heaven” and I think that’s true. God loves us so much He keeps “hounding” us or pursuing us like a hound on a scent.

    Thanks for sharing, Eamonn. Sounds like God’s doing a lot of good work in your life!


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