Happy Thanksgiving!

I sometimes hear of this holiday being referred to as “Turkey Day.” It never ceases to amaze me how we humans will try our best to strip any and all holidays of any spiritual meaning. This special day is not all about the turkey!

I like to eat turkey, a lot! I enjoy carving it. It’s my job to help clean the carcass afterwards so Diann can make homemade turkey soup. I am intimately involved with the whole process of the turkey-part of Thanksgiving. Still, it’s not at all about the turkey!

Let’s keep the “thanks” in this special day! The way to have a “Happy Thanksgiving” is to give thanks to God for what He’s blessed us with and, more importantly, who He is to us. This is what puts the “happy” in “Happy Thanksgiving.”

I encourage you to think of just five things for which you can thank God. Imagine filling in the lines below.

1.I’m thankful to God for ________________
2.I’m thankful to God for ________________
3.I’m thankful to God for ________________
4.I’m thankful to God for ________________
5.I’m thankful to God for ________________

It’s hard to stop at #5, isn’t it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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