“It’s Christmas” — a Christmas hymn

Here’s a Christmas hymn I wrote a few years ago.  “Immortal, Invisible” is the traditional hymn tune to which it is sung.  You may use it for church use free of charge.  All that I ask is that you let me know you enjoyed using it.  You may also connect with the following link for It’s Christmas and download a printable PDF file of the hymn.  Enjoy! Dave

It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, a time of great joy,
A stable, a manger, the birth of a boy.
The leaving of heaven to earth He came down,
Relinquishing glory and heaven’s great crown.

The stars on that dark night were lost in the light
As heaven’s great chorus to earth took their flight.
Amazed were the angels at what God had done;
They let loose with praise for the gift of the Son.

God’s heaven was emptied of His only Son.
The shepherds, in awe, to the village did run.
The wise men, they came from a distance so far,
To worship the Christ Child, announced by a star.

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, a time to rejoice.
To make Him our King is our very own choice.
None other, none other we hail as our King;
His praises forever and ever we’ll sing!

(Sung to the tune of “Immortal, Invisible”)
Copyright 2001 by David J. Claassen
E-mail: djclaassen@gmail.com
Web site: www.daveclaassen.com

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