Of Pillows, Feathers, Churches & People

I got to thinking about feathered-filled pillows and church. A collection of people gathered together in a church is sort of like a pillow stuffed with feathers, we’re all together in one place. I like that, being all cozy and together, just as I like a nice and softly stuffed pillow.

Now picture taking a feather pillow, opening it up, and shaking it out into the wind. Imagine the feathers flying far and wide. We may all be in one place at a worship service, like feathers stuffed in a pillow, but by Monday, my fine feathered friends, we’re scattered all over the greater Toledo area being a “little Jesus” to those God has put around us! This is as it should be. Wow! The power of the many each doing their “little” part! So, fellow feathers, fly, fly fly!

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