Focusing on the Christmas Wrappings

Sunday’s snowstorm resulted in our cancelling our church services.  The weather was just too bad, but not bad enough to keep us from heading to the Indy area to visit our son, his wife and grandson Casey!  You have to remember, I grew up in Iowa and Diann in Minnesota, so the amount of snow we had Sunday wasn’t what we would really call a snowstorm.  At any rate, we had a good time with the family.

Pictured here is Casey enjoying the wrappings from his present.  That’s right, at his age he is as enamored with the wrapping as he is with the gift!  This is not an unusual occurance with small children.  It also can happen with us adults!

We too can get caught up with the wrappings and trappings of Christmas while missing the essential gift that’s supposed to be wrapped up in it all, the personal gift of God, Jesus.  I know this reminder is not new, but I think it bears repeating.  Join me in looking for Jesus in all we do throughout these next days that make up the Christmas season.


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