The Christmas Ladder

I wrote a Christmas story called The Christmas Ladder that you can view as a web page or download as a pdf file to print. I know, it sounds strange to talk of a Christmas ladder, but I have my reasons.

A ladder’s meant to take you up and down.  Jesus came down so we could go up; He came down to earth so we could go up to heaven. 

Jesus, as the eternal Son of God, divested Himself of divine attributes.  He gave up His omnipresence (being all places present) to limit himself to a cradle.  He gave up omniscience (knowing all) to being a newborn that was lucky to manage moving his thumb to his mouth.  He gave up omnipotence (having all power) to being a helpless babe, having to be picked up and nursed. Yes, He, the eternal Son of God, humbled Himself in a remarkable way by being born as one of us.  The only human being who ever asked to be born!

His principle purpose in coming down to us was so that 30 years later, as a grown man, the perfect God/man, He could go up on the cross for us!  There, on that cross, He died, for your sins and mine.  They took Him down from the cross and laid Him down in a grave.  But He didn’t stay there!  He came up out of the grave and went back up to heaven where He once again has the glory due Him.

Jesus’ story is a story of downs and ups, ups and downs.  He came down to be with us so we could go up and be with Him.  It’s the theme of The Christmas Ladder.  It’s the Christmas Story.


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