Windblown Icicle

This is a photo I took under an Iowa bridge.  The melting snow flowed through the drain on the bridge and should have dropped into the stream below.  The cold weather, however, turned it into an icicle and the strong wind blew it into the shape you see.  The wind curved the icicle!

You can’t see the wind but you can sure feel and, as this photo demonstrates, see the results of the wind.  In the Bible the Holy Spirit is portrayed as wind.  Like the earthly wind the Holy Wind (Holy Spirit) can’t be seen, but you should be able to see the results of His presence in our lives. 


One response to “Windblown Icicle

  1. Marcena January 11, 2008 at 11:51 am

    Wow, sometimes I feel like this icicle. After holiday stress calms down, here come more storms…for this single parent of 4,
    like somehow I got thrown into a drain and flushed down….and then got frozen in the mist of the slush left over trying to figure out why the storms I thought were showers began to range again. When a dad/parent who doesn’t pay any support started to work and pay right before holiday time a tiny part of the load was lifted, even the sun was shining a week ago?! But he missed payments again and again and everything goes back to pinching the budget so tight…till it can’t be pinched anymore. Well, God is there and He knows what is the reason and what is next. Need to rely on Him again and again, and not that support payment or lack thereof. Prayer really helps. Thanks for this image.

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