Blind to What Others See

Ah, the joys of last summer when floating down a northern Michigan river with some friends!  One of these “friends” just handed me this picture yesterday in church.  He was laughing.  I was wearing a t-shirt with an image of a very stressed chicken (I raise bantam chickens for a hobby) with the words, “Save a chicken, eat a pizza!”

As you can see, the water line on my t-shirt is in such a place that it appears the chicken is drowning and has come up for air!  Here I am, smiling away, unaware of the humorus implication of the whole situation.

I suspect this happens often, that I’m unaware of others’ perception of me.  That can be good.  I don’t want to be so self-conscious that it ruins my day and everyone with whom I come in contact.  On the other hand, this photo’s a good reminder that it might be wise at the beginning of each day to pray something to the effect, “Lord, help me be true to who you want me to be.  May people see what would be helpful for them to see and glorifying to You.”

Next time I’m going to take a little more careful note of what I’m wearing when I go floating on a river.  Then again, worse things could have happened.  I could have drowned with my drowning chicken t-shirt on!



2 responses to “Blind to What Others See

  1. John January 15, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Hi there. John here from the Barnes and Noble cafe. Just wanted to say that I finally made it to your blog. I bookmarked it so I’ll come back and check it out again. If I ever write anything interesting, I’ll let you know! Hope all is well,

  2. Julie January 20, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Hey, Dad,
    You STILL have that chicken T-shirt? Maybe you should have left it in the river! Ha, ha!

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