Palm Sunday Reflecting

I find it a fun challenge as a photographer to capture a fresh interpretation of a palm frond.  This picture was taken last week while visiting our daughter and family in Mexico.  The palm frond is, of course, the classic symbol of Palm Sunday, which is this coming Sunday.

It’s one of my favorite Sundays because it has such an upbeat theme.  We celebrate, as they did on that first Palm Sunday, the kingly power and hope that Jesus expresses.  It just goes to show how greatly we misunderstand Jesus Christ when we resist giving Him control over our lives.  He wants nothing but the ultimate best for us!  When we resist His will for us we reject His best for us!

Let’s take this Palm Sunday as an opportunity to renew, or establish for the first time, the rulership of Christ in our lives.  No one can give better leadership to our lives than He can!  Happy Palm Sunday!

One response to “Palm Sunday Reflecting

  1. mark escobar March 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Palm Sunday reminds me of my childhood days when we used to take a picture in the studio room after the morning mass with our grandmother holding those palms. This marks the turn of what our whole season means – our preparation with grateful hearts for that gift of salvation. And it’s a great deal about what suffering means in Jesus’ act of humility.

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