He Is Risen!

I came upon this cactus while on a prayer walk in Mexico.  Out of what seems to be a seemingly dead cactus comes new life.

That’s the message of Easter!  Out of a tomb that was designed to hold death came new life!  It was the ultimate new life, the resurrected Christ.  And because He lives we can live too!  We can live an abundant life in His presence and empowerment now and we can live in eternity with Him.

We don’t follow a religious leader who is dead and gone where we’d have to follow his teachings under our own strength and with our own insight.  We serve a living leader!  He is very much with us through the working of His Holy Spirit.

He is with us and is able to guide us, comfort us, help us, and be a companion to us.  We can truly follow Him!  That means He is just one step ahead of us as we walk through each day and each moment of each day.             Happy Easter!  Dave

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