31 Days toward Spiritual Maturity — Day 29


We can’t know where we should be going on a journey if we don’t know where we already are!  You can’t get from here to there unless you know where “here” is.  Where are we on the journey of becoming who God wants us to be?  Where are we in our walk with Christ?  Let’s look at each of the five levels of the spiritual road we’re meant to be on and ask ourselves whether we’re traveling with a firm footing on each of the levels.

Have we experienced MEETING CHRIST?  Do we think that our acceptance by Christ is based on our being good enough?  Do we feel that we’ve messed things up too badly to be called Christian?  If our answer to this kind of question is “yes,” we haven’t grasped the most important fact about a spiritual journey with Christ: we start the Christian walk by accepting His forgiveness.  We can’t be on much of a spiritual pilgrimage until we do that.  It is He who saves us, not we ourselves.  Have we ever actually, consciously, accepted Him as our Savior?

Are we committed to FOLLOWING CHRIST?  Are we led by what we want to do or by what circumstances seem to dictate?  Is our day-to-day living much different from that of someone who doesn’t think that God is important?  The real question is whether or not we’ve made a once-and-for-all commitment to living His way instead of our own way.  Have we ever accepted Him as the Lord of our lives?

Are we regularly LEARNING FROM CHRIST?  Do we read our Bibles at least several times a week?  Do we regularly participate in some kind of class or small group that has a focus on Christ?  How much do we really know about the Bible?   Can we quickly find a book in it?  Can we list even three of Jesus’ disciples by name?  If these are easy questions for us, let’s not be smug; there are always harder questions!  There’s always more to learn from God’s Word.

Are we really BECOMING LIKE CHRIST?  Would the people who are closest to us say that we’re more spiritually mature than we were a year ago?  How are we doing when it comes to exhibiting the “fruit of the Spirit” found in the book of Galatians?  Are we exhibiting more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control than we did a year ago? 

When it comes to SERVING WITH CHRIST, how are we doing?  Are we regularly sacrificing time, effort, and money to do something we wouldn’t be doing if we weren’t following Christ?  If we feel we are doing something significant, do we ever do it primarily by our own strength, fussing and complaining?  Do we do it out of duty rather than delight?

These are hard questions, but they deserve some serious reflection.  Whenever we travel – and it’s as true for our spiritual journey as it is for any other journey – we need to ask ourselves, “Where am I?”

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