31 Days toward Spiritual Maturity Concludes!

With the entry below I have finished posting 31 essays on the theme of Spiritual Maturity.  The idea for this series was prompted by my reading of the book Simple Church in which the authors argue for churches to have a simple plan of discipleship.  The theme caught my imagination and so I decided to approach the concept from a personal point of view — that there should be a simple-to-understand and easy- to-explain process for becoming a follower of Christ and growing in Him.

I took on the challenge of doing something I’ve never done before, and that was to write and deliver six sermons in our Sunday services, each with five parts to it so that, with an introductory essay, I’d have 31 days’ worth of material.  I’m excited at how it turned out.  They’re now all listed to the right as one of my categories of subjects.  If you know someone who could benefit from spending 31 days working on spiritual maturity then please e-mail the link to my blog, or specifically to the 31 Days category to the right.  Eventually I hope to have them published as a small book.  You might pray about that.  Enjoy!

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