Exercising Faith

There seems to be only one way to build stronger muscles, and that’s by exercising them, which means pushing them beyond the point where they start complaining to us.  It’s not fun!

It seems to me that exercising faith presents us with much the same experience.  We have to trust, have patience, put ourselves out on a limb and in other ways live out our faith in God that takes us beyond our comfort zone.  Faith is not something that can usually be described as cozy and comforting as much as it can be described with terms such as blood, sweat, and tears!  It’s not easy exercising faith.

The results, however, are worth it!  We end up having a closer walk with the Lord, seeing a higher degree of Christ-likeness in ourselves, and rejoicing in seeing fruit to our lives that would not have been there if we had not put forth extraordinary effort.


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