The Publication of a Novel — The Design Process

My editor, Hannah, and my publisher, Catherine, have been keeping me updated via e-mail as to the current stage of development of my novel.  Hannah’s incorporating my changes that I sent her.  I carried through on most of her suggestions and feel the changes will make for a better story.

Christina, their marketing director, is working on the project.  At this point I’m anxious to find out what she has in mind.  A puzzle piece figures into the novel so I want to do something with that concept.  I’ve included in this post a puzzle piece image I’ve created.  I hope to incorporate it in a bookmark or perhaps on a display board at book signings.

I’ve also contacted a couple of authors about doing a book cover or book back blurb in which they endorse the book.  One is too busy at this point and the other has yet to respond.  It would be nice, but time is getting short.  My publisher hopes to go to press by July 1.

They tell me the novel will come in at about 180 to 190 pages.  The graphic designer who will do the cover has just read the novel and says she’s inspired.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for a cover design.

I just signed up to be part of the Monroe County LIbrary System’s tenth annual author and book fair called Writers on the River that’ll take place at the main library in Monroe, Michigan, on Sunday, November 9th.  That will probably be my first book signing.

These are exciting times for an author!  I’ll continue to keep you posted.

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