The Publication of a Novel — A New Title, Etc.

My publisher decided on a different title for The Fountain.  It’s going to be titled Kathryn’s Fountain.  She had several reasons, including the fact that a search of the old title brought up lots of stuff while the new title will direct people to my novel.  I think it’s a good idea.

When authors sign a contract with a publisher that publisher takes on a great deal of cost and risk in bringing the book to publication.  They also have expertise in this whole area of publishing that we writers don’t.  That’s why I want to be as cooperative as I can with my publisher.  We both want the book to do well!

Besides being in conversation via E-mail with the publisher herself, I’m also in contact with the editor assigned to my book, Hannah.  Now I’m in conversation with Christina who is handling promotion.  She tells me the release date will be Nov. 1 but that they will be sending out pre-publication copies called ARC books to people for review quotes.

A couple of the well-known authors I contacted to read a copy and possibly give a quote or blurb of endorsement turned me down.  I still have a couple of ideas of some others to contact, but the time is getting short.  These quotes or blurbs on the cover or back can really help — I know, I look at them on books I’m considering buying.  So, the process continues!

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