Different by Divine Design

One of the daily devotional books I use is Companions for the Soul, edited by Robert Hudson and Shelley Townsend-Hudson. Each day’s devotional is from a different classic Christian writer, speaker, or influencer through 2,000 years of Christian history. 

The authors say in their preface, “Saints come in all stripes. Some saw visions where others saw nothing but darkness. Some heard angels singing, others only silence. While some journeyed to distant lands, others meditated in lonely desert huts…Historically, many of these writers were at odds with each other.” They go on to say that they’ve put next to each other in their devotional book great saints who, in real life, “would probably have refused such proximity. But Jesus made no such refusals. He stood shoulder to shoulder with each of them.” 

I find great comfort and encouragement in the fact that God delights in such diversity in those to whom He has given new life in His Son. To think that both the desert fathers and social reformers were close to God and used of Him! This means that there’s hope for you and me. We don’t have to be like someone else in order to live a God-pleasing life. We can all be very different from each other in all kinds of ways. We can be different in background, in temperament, in looks, in social status, in our economic situation, in our giftedness, in our struggles, and in so many other ways and still all be like Christ! 

No one else can be YOU! YOU are the only YOU God has ever had in this world or will ever have. 

We waste who we are when we wish to be like someone else!
(Photo by me, taken at a cemetery)

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