Focusing on the Journey or the Destination?

Writer Philip Yancey refers to a friend of his who uses the analogy of a tour bus headed to the Grand Canyon. The tourists keep the shades down on the bus, ignoring the beautiful scenery along the way. They’re intent on getting to their destination and that’s all. In their longing and impatience to get to the Grand Canyon they end up squabbling over the seats, who’s spending too much time in the bathroom, and generally having a miserable time of it. (Christianity Today magazine, Philip Yancey, Oct.08, p.102)

Most of us have goals, “destinations,” to which we’d like to arrive. This is good. We need something to aim for. On the other hand, we can so look forward to arriving that we miss the opportunities, the gifts, of the present time.

I believe God has a great future for us, but I also believe God has a great present for us! Philip Yancey, in his article, states, “The Christian life is about the journey as well as the destination.”

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