Blind Faith Helped by Hearing

This morning I dropped my wife Diann off at the Detroit airport so she could travel to Mexico and visit the grandchildren and our daughter (son-in-law Victor’s on a medical mission trip).  I happened to be walking and praying in the field in back of our house when I heard the sound of a jet high overhead.  It was above the gray clouds, so I couldn’t see it, but my ears told me it was going in the right direction to be heading to Mexico.  I checked my watch.  Yes, her plane had been scheduled to leave about five minutes earlier.  Was that her plane?  Then a few minutes later I heard another plane going the same direction so maybe, I thought, she was on this plane.  Another five minutes later and I heard a third plane.  Perhaps she was on it.

I’m certain she was on one of those planes, up at some 20,000 plus feet and climbing, my wife, the woman I had slept alongside just a few hours earlier was now way up there!  It was hard to believe, but I believed it anyway.

It’s a few hours later and I’m sipping some coffee at Starbucks and contemplating my earlier experience of hearing but not seeing the plane, actually, one of those three planes, that was carrying the love of my life.  It seems that my experience of knowing God is somewhat similar.  Maybe the term blind faith is OK, and we can live with it, as long as we have another sense we can depend on, such as hearing.  The Bible does say that “faith comes from hearing the message…” (Romans 10:17)

I’ve experienced God in different ways — through the example of others, through His creation, through His written word, through an inner working of His Holy Spirit.  I don’t depend on just one means for experiencing God.  God reveals Himself in many ways but nonone of them revelas Him as clearly as I would like.  Sometimes I wish He would simply materialize before me, replacing faith with fact.

Next Monday my plan is to pick up Diann at the airport, kiss her and embrace her and bring her home.  Until then I’ll have to suffice with the sound of her plane and a few phone calls where I will hear but not see her.  Some day, on the other side of this life, I’ll be greeted and embraced by Jesus, and He will take me home.  But until then I’ll have to depend on some measure of faith to keep in relationship with Him, a faith that acts in the absence of being able to see or hear clearly and completely.

“Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.  Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

(I took the photo above out of the window of a jet when I was flying back from Mexico having just visited the grandchildren.  Yes, I get to go to see the grandkids sometimes too!  I think of the picture as “God’s view” of things.)

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