Grow Like a Goldfish!

I keep two aquariums in our living room.  One is the winter home for my pond goldfish and koi (sort of a fish’s version of going to Florida).  The portrait to the left is of one of my residents.  I’ve kept goldfish off and on for years but learned something new just this week.  An article in Tropical Fish magazine states that golfish are “indeterminate growers” which means they never stop growing until they die.  Their growth, however, can be stunted by an unhealthy environment such as poor quality water and improper care.

I realized that God’s plan for us is to be indeterminate growers too!  We’re to continue to grow spiritually until the day we die.  I suspect many things can stunt our continued growth, and unlike my goldfish, we have a large measure of control of the environment in which we place ourselves.  We may allow ourselves a poor quality environment where we lack spiritual fellowship with others, or we put ourselves in a murky environment where we simply expose ourselves to too many wrong influences.  Improper soul care is another issue.  Do we reflect on scripture, pray, and meditate as we should?

My goldfish keep growing.  I want that to be my goal too!

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