An Ancient Reminder of How to Pray in these Tough Times

St. Anselm (1033-1109) was a Benedictine monk and was made archbishop of Canterbury on this day in 1093.  I’ve provided part of a prayer he wrote that, though over a thousand years old, is still a relevant prayer for us to pray in today’s tough times.

“‘I seek Your face; Your face, O Lord, do I seek’ (Psalm 27:9).  Come now, then, O Lord my God, teach my heart when and how I may seek You, where and how I may find You.  O Lord, if You are not here, where else shall I seek You?  But if you are everywhere, why do I not behold You, since You are here present?….

“…Deliver me, take away my burden, lest the pit of my wickedness shut its mouth upon me; grant that I may look upon Your light, though from afar off, though out of the deep.  I wlll seek You by longing for You; I will long for you by seeking You.  I will find You by loving You…”
               (December 5 reading in Companions for the Soul by Robert Hudson and Shelly Townsend-Hudson)

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