Thoughts from Thomas A’ Kempis — “Obedience Is Success”

christduotones“Where shall we find a person who is willing to serve God without receiving something in return?… Let him not be deluded when others praise him, but let him admit in all honesty that he is only a humble servant of God.” (The Imitation of Christ, Thomas A’ Kempis, translation/interpretation by William C. Creasy, pp. 77-78)

The world around me emphasizes results.  We’re told that the “bottom line” needs to be good.

I’ve also heard it said that we are not called to be successful but faithful.  In my better moments I almost believe this.  I want to have more better moments!

As a follower of Jesus Christ my calling from Him must always take precedence over my accomplishments in the world.  It’s nice when they merge, but they don’t always.  When results aren’t what I’d like, it can either drive me to discouragement with myself and the situation or dependence on God.  Thomas A’ Kempis’ words above, which I read this morning, reminded me of this fact.

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