Thoughts from Thomas A’ Kempis — “Faith Beyond Feelings”

christduotone1I’m continuing my daily reading through the classic  work of Thomas A’ Kempis.  Just wanted to share a few sentences from this morning’s reading with you.

“That good and sweet feeling which you sometimes experience is the result of grace being present, a little sample of your heavenly home.  Do not depend on it too much, for it comes and goes…

“Such feelings are not illusions.  Enjoy them when you feel them, and be thankful for them, but do not seek them out.  Chasing after such feelings can consume you.”  The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A’ Kempis, modern translation/interpretation by William C. Creasy.

I like feeling good.  I’d like to have a “sweet feeling” all the time, but Thomas A’ Kempis reminds me that this is not to be.  If being near to God always manifested itself with a “sweet feeling”  then I likely would start to desire the feeling more than God Himself.  Desiring God, and knowing, by faith, that He is near, even when I don’t have the “sweet feeling” shows God (and me too) that I truly do desire Him, that I’m not making feelings my god.

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