An Old Prayer to Pray on a New Day

PrayingHandsLet me share with you portions of a prayer of Thomas A’ Kempis (500 years ago, William Creasy paraphrase) which I read yesterday.  Though first prayed by him 500 years ago it’s still relevant for us today.

“O most sweet and loving Lord… you know my weaknesses and my needs.  You know how many bad habits and vices I have.  You know how often I am burdened, tempted, shaken and stained by sin.  I come to you for healing.  I pray to you for comfort and support.  I speak to you, who know all things, to whom all my inmost thoughts are evident.  You alone can adequately comfort me and help me.  You know what good things I need most, and you know how poor I am in virtue.

Make all that leads me from you not worth thinking about.  Make me forget it all… From now on, you will be my only delight, for you alone are my food and drink, my love and joy, my sweetness and my whole good.”


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