The BIG Questions — # 2 What about Evolution & Creation?

There are dog lovers and cat lovers. I wonder if they ever get into a fight and the dog lover chases the cat lover up a tree?

Special breeding over the centuries has provided both dog and cat lovers with a vast array of breeds from which to choose. You can have a chihuahua or a great Dane and it’s still a dog, or a short hair or Persian and it’s still a cat. But no one has yet bred a cross between a dog and a cat. What would you call it, a cog or a dat?

In all of our expertise with breeding better plants and animals we’ve never created a new species. (Even if we did, it would only prove that it takes intelligence and intention to do so.) There seems to be a giant barrier between the species. Yet, it’s interesting that the theory of evolution largely depends on the belief that life has evolved countless times from one species into another.

Author Philip Johnson writes, “That Darwinian evolution can gradually transform one kind of creature into another is merely a biological hypothesis, not a fact.” (Darwin on Trial, p. 10) Why is this theory accepted when it takes such a giant leap of faith to do so? Probably because those who hold to it so tenaciously don’t believe there’s another alternative.

But many have come to the conclusion that there is a valid alternative, that God created the great diversity of species, that this is more believable then the theory of evolutionary change. In this cause and effect cosmos where we believe every cause has an effect why not hypothesize, propose, conjecture, yes, believe that there is an outside cause?

The ancient Biblical record describes the creation of the various species. “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind. And it was so.” (Genesis 1:24)

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