The BIG Questions — # 7 “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?”(Last in the series)

Dr. Timothy Johnson is a physician and medical reporter for ABC News. A no-nonsense type of guy, he states, “I do believe that if you choose to follow Jesus, you will eventually believe in the resurrection.” (Finding God in the Questions, p. 130)

The resurrection of Jesus is the event that compels a person to take seriously His claim to be God in the flesh, Savior of humanity, and Lord of all. Is the evidence for His resurrection compelling? I believe so, as have countless others. Here’s why.

The records of Jesus’ resurrection appearances are in documents written within a few years of the event. It wasn’t enough time for a legend to form; legends take much longer to evolve.

Women are recorded as the first eyewitnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. In that time women weren’t considered credible witnesses. This gives the accounts the ring of authenticity. No one would make up a story with women as the first eyewitnesses.

The apostles are portrayed in the resurrection accounts as having been resistant to believing that He was alive. Fabricated accounts would never have portrayed the respected apostolic leaders of the early church in such a bad light.

And then there’s the amazing transformation of these first disciples, the apostles. They changed from a fearful and timid group hiding behind closed doors to a bold bunch courageously proclaiming His resurrection.

The evidence is substantial. In fact, it could be argued it takes more faith to believe that Jesus did not rise from the dead than to believe that He did!

“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection.” (Paul in Philippians 3:10)

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