Weeds in Soil, Weeds in Souls

I grew up on a farm so I know that unless you take care of the weeds in the field you won’t have much of a crop. The same goes for gardens. You have to remove the weeds by pulling, cultivating, or spraying — but remove them you must.

The same principle that applies to soil applies to souls. There are elements of our lives that can crowd out the best we can have and be at the center of our souls.

The obvious elements are bad things, what’s called sin. This gets the most press, so let’s move on to that which can be weeds to our souls but isn’t necessarily bad, and is often overlooked. It’s important to identify these threats of the good to the best.

It’s been said that a weed is a misplaced plant. I have spearmint plants in my mound of flowers. I want a little bit of spearmint, but it has spread and there’s too much. Spearmint can be good, but it’s a weed when it crowds out the flowers I want to see thrive.

We can have things in our lives that aren’t bad, aren’t sin, but they’re weeds to our souls because they’re misplaced: they’re in the number one place that God should hold! It can be money, possessions, family, achievements, popularity, hobbies, vacations, busyness, business, and much more. A weed to the soul is anything other than God that takes over the key position in our lives.

Well, I better get going on pulling out some more of that spearmint out of my mound of flowers. My soul could use a little tending too!

“Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants, so that they did not bear grain.” (Jesus in Mark 4:8)


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