How God Often Helps Us

Two backpackers on the rugged Tanner Trail in the Grand Canyon park met a lone hiker who appeared to be exhausted. The pair, also feeling heat-stressed in the over 100-degree weather, gave the man some of their water and told him that they didn’t think that he could make it out. They encouraged him to hike down to the river with them, but he refused, stating that he wanted to continue up the trail. Authorities later found the man dead. He should have accepted the invitation to go with the two down to the river for some refreshment.

We can pray for God’s direction and help and feel He’s not very responsive. We don’t hear a still small voice, let alone a big, booming voice from heaven, nor do we see God obviously intervening in our situation to help us.

What we often overlook is the direction and help God wants to give to us through others. We’d rather hear direction, or even correction, directly from God because it’s not always easy taking it from a fellow human being. We prefer to have God help us in a direct and miraculous way rather than having to accept help from someone else.

God has His reasons for giving a great deal of His guidance and help through others rather than directly. It helps us stay humble when we have to receive direction and help from others. It also helps all of us feel helpful when we have the chance to be there for others.

We want God to act in our lives. We’ll see it happen far more often if we are willing to be receivers and givers of this help with each other!

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.” (Proverbs 19:20)


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