Personalized Answers to Prayer

The comedy team of brothers Dick and Tommy Smothers is best known for a line Tommy frequently said to his brother Dick: “Mom always liked you best.” It came about when they were performing their comedy act in St. Louis. Dick, as usual, had delivered a series of put-downs against Tommy. He finally ran out of things to say, and Tommy filled the silence by an impromptu statement: “Mom always liked you best.” It brought down the house, and it has been their signature line ever since — sort of their mantra, as Tommy puts it.

Most of us pray and ask the Lord for things, asking Him to do something in our lives or the lives of those we love. Other people pray, too, and sometimes it seems as if they get a quicker answer or a better answer than we do.

We look at our lives compared to someone else’s, and we wonder why they seem to be heard by God more than we are. We want to say, “God always liked you best.”

Those of us who have raised more than one child know that although we love our children the same, we had to treat them differently. We have to personalize our parenting to the uniqueness of each child. Our Heavenly Father does the same with us. He loves us all the same, but He’ll answer our prayers differently, though they may be much the same prayers.

Jesus dealt with different people in different ways. His healing technique varied greatly with people He healed. When it came to healing, one size didn’t fit all!

Faith in prayer means more than the fact that God can answer our prayers. Faith in prayer means that we trust Him to personalize His response to our prayers according to His loving, wise will for us!

“…yet not my will, but yours be done.” (Jesus praying to the Father, Luke 22:42)


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