I Am Second

Scotty McCreery finished first in the competition on American Idol in its tenth season. He wore a black rubber bracelet that prominently declared “I Am Second” during the competition. When he won, he said, “First, I thank the Lord. He got me here.” Though he came in first in the competition, in life McCreery intentionally comes in second: he puts God first.

A popular bumper sticker of a few years ago stated, “God’s my co-pilot,” but some time later there appeared the bumper sticker, “If God’s your co-pilot, change places.” That corrected the theology of the original bumper sticker.

We all have priorities in life, intentional and unintentional — and undoubtedly some of both. In our saner moments we recognize the value of choosing our priorities instead of slipping into living with something as a priority without giving any serious thought to it.

When we look out for God’s best interests, putting Him first, He’ll look out for us! When we put our self-interests first we’ll lose in life, but putting God first means we end up being winners!

“Whoever find his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)


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