Persistence Pays

Here’s an illustration intended for a recent weekend’s message that ended up on the cutting room floor. I simply didn’t have room for it in the message. This often happens, so this time I’ve decided to pick it up, brush it off, and share it with you today.


It’s Aesop’s fable of the crow and the pitcher. The crow, very thirsty, came upon a pitcher with a few inches of water in it. Stretching her neck into the pitcher left her short of reaching the water. She tried knocking over the pitcher, but it was too heavy and wouldn’t budge. She tried tapping it hard with her beak to break it, but it was too hard. Finally she spotted some small stones. One by one she picked up the pebbles with her beak and dropped them into the pitcher. Slowly but surely, as the pebbles filled the pitcher, the water rose. Finally the water was within reach and she drank to her content.


The moral of the story is that imagination with persistence can win the day. In this past weekend’s message we focused on persistence, but I didn’t deal with imagination. The thirsty crow story illustrates how imagination and persistence make a potent team.


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