Feed Store Faith

The other day I was in a feed store buying chicken feed for the small flock I maintain in my back yard. I go there about once a month to buy a bag of feed (far too often and far too much money spent on a few chickens, in my wife Diann’s estimation). The man behind the counter made a comment that indicated that he knew I was a pastor. My first thought was, I wonder how I’ve been acting each time I come in here? He knows that I’m a pastor: a preacher of the message of Jesus. I wondered whether he thought I acted like Jesus.


I’m challenged by what Henry Drummond wrote. “The end of life is to do God’s will. . . . It is not to be happy or to be successful, or famous, or to do the best we can. . . . It is something far higher than this – to do God’s will.” He went on to say that life is “defined by how sincerely we wave our flag of surrender, how earnestly we want to do and be exactly what God wants us to do and be.” (quoted in Thirsting for God, by Gary Thomas)


I was reminded of this in the feed store. Though I determined long ago to seek to live my life to please God, it remains a daily battle — even an hourly or minute-by-minute battle — to keep Him on the throne of my life.


“Serve the Lord with all your heart.” (1 Samuel 12:20)


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