He Goes by Many Names

I know a guy who goes by the name Robert, Bob, and Jack. He’ll come to the dinner table by any of the three names! I go by the name David, Dave, Hon (by my wife), Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Dave, and Pastor Dave.


I’m always amazed by how many names Jesus is called in the Bible. There are over a hundred names for Him! Each name reveals something unique about Jesus. I want to share some of my favorites, and why they’re special to me.


He is Jesus (or “Joshua” in the Hebrew). It means “to save.” He’s my savior.


Jesus is Lord! He’s the one in charge of my life.


Jesus is the Christ! Christ means Messiah, the anointed One. He’s my special One!


Jesus is the door! He’s my entryway into life for now and forever.


Jesus is the bread of life! He’s my ultimate sustenance.


Jesus is the vine! I’m His branch and I’m attached to Him so that I might thrive.


Jesus is the light of the world! He brings the light of life, truth, and joy to me.


Jesus is the good shepherd! I’m His sheep, and He takes good care of me.


Jesus is the lamb! He was sacrificed for me.


Jesus is the lion! He conquers for me.


Jesus is the rock! I stand upon Him.


Jesus is alpha and omega! He’s the beginning and the end; He’s everything to me!


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