Alphabet of Faith — “L” is for LORD

In our Alphabet of Faith we’re selecting a word each week beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. “L” is our letter for this week.


“L” stands for Lord!


Wherever people work together or have to relate with each other in an organized way someone has to be in charge. Sometimes it seems no one is in charge and chaos results. Sometimes more than one person tries to run things, and conflict, and probably chaos too, results. There has to be a boss. So it is with our own personal lives; someone has to be in charge.


During Biblical times the word “lord” was used for boss, for the one in charge. It was a term of respect for a teacher or leader, but it also could refer to a king and often to God Himself. This is how we often use it, to refer to God, or Jesus. The apostle Paul wrote, “Jesus is Lord.” (Romans 10:9)


Every day we deal with people with various titles: boss, Dr., officer, chairman, manager, shift supervisor. Each title implies some authority and some kind of compliance on the part of others.


What does it mean to declare God as Lord, to affirm Jesus as Lord? How should this way of referencing God influence our daily lives? If you were sitting across from me here at Starbucks right now we could have a good conversation on that topic. But we can’t so I’m not going to try and put words in your mouth, but in general terms it most certainly means living His way and not our own way.


Once we determine to call God “Lord” we move from believing in Him to yielding obedience to Him, quite a transition. The decision to make Him Lord is the biggest decision we’ll ever make; after that all other decisions are small by comparison.


How about if we determine today to live with a continual awareness of God as the Boss? How might that impact how we handle the day? Just wondering.


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