The Practice of Prayer

Frequently my wife Diann and I hear the familiar sound from our computer of someone calling us on Skype. We glance at the screen and are delighted when it’s one of our kids. The same is true with the phone. Caller ID tells us that it’s Julie or Dan, and no matter what we’re doing, we pick it up.

God wants to hear from us! He created us to be in a relationship with Him, to communicate with Him. He’s anxious to hear us talk to Him — pray to Him.

However, It’s not always easy to pray well. After all these years there are still many times I feel my prayers aren’t getting any higher than the top of my head. I find my mind wandering. I pray with more doubts than faith.

Richard Foster, who wrote the definitive book on the spiritual disciplines, Celebration of Discipline, wrote, “One of the liberating experiences in my life came when I understood that prayer involved a learning process.” (p.33)

“Practice makes perfect” is an old adage that certainly can apply to talking with God. It’s better to pray imperfectly than not to pray at all! If God’s anxious to hear from me, more anxious, even, than I am to hear from my kids, then this is one “kid” of the Lord who’s going to keep talking to Him!

“Lord, teach us to pray.” (a request by the disciples of Jesus in Luke 11:1)



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