Life’s To Be a Team Effort

Have you ever tried walking on a railroad track? It’s hard to keep your balance. It’s a lot easier if you’re walking with someone, and the other person is on the other track and you’re holding hands. Two work better than one!

I like to glance into the cockpit when I board a plane. There’s never just one pilot in the cockpit; there are two. A commercial plane never flies with just one pilot.

Even the Lone Ranger wasn’t alone. He had his faithful companion Tonto!

Many efforts in life need to be team efforts. We face a lot of challenging situations in life, and just as we do when we go swimming, we need to adopt the buddy system. Life’s a challenge, and we need to help each other!

Viewing the Grand Canyon with someone is more fun than viewing it alone. Hiking in the Grand Canyon with someone is a lot safer than hiking in it alone!

In her book, The Contented Soul, Lisa Graham McMinn compared two heroes in literature and in the movies. One is Spiderman, alias Peter Parker. The other is Frodo in J.R.R. Tolkien’s story The Fellowship of the Ring. She pointed out that Peter Parker, who is Spiderman, is a loner. He largely deals with his challenges alone. Frodo, on the other hand, has friends who travel with him on his epic journey, and together they overcome overwhelming odds. She made the observation that “we are to accomplish what we accomplish with companions in the context of some community. We are not intended to act alone.” (Loc. 478, e-book)

McMinn wasn’t simply stating an opinion; she based her statement on sound examples and teachings in the Bible. At one point in Jesus’ ministry He wanted His twelve disciples to go and spread the Word about Him and God’s kingdom. The Biblical text states, “Calling the Twelve to him, he sent them out two by two.” (Mark 6:7)


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