Beyond Self to Being Unselfish

I remember visiting June Swaney, one of our dearly-departed members of this church, when she was in the hospital. There were get-well cards all around the room. Why? Because she was always sending get-well cards. On the other hand, I’ve had folks complain that few remembered them when they were sick or hospitalized. Why? To have a friend we have to be one. We have to get out of our little self-centered worlds where the atmosphere is a choking mix of hurt and anger and live in a God-centered and other-people-centered world where we can breathe the fresh air of joy.

Do we worry about whether or not people are reaching out to us or are we focused on reaching out to them? Are we more caught up with how we feel we’ve been hurt by someone, or are we caught up in helping the hurting?

Rather than focus on how much or little others are acting in a loving way toward us it’s far better to be acting in a loving way toward them. We have no significant control over how other people treat us, but we can control the way we treat them!

It’s easy to be concerned about ourselves and our own well-being. A great goal of life is to be as concerned about others as we are about ourselves!

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39)


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