Freedom from Whatever

I currently have four hens in my chicken coop. It’s a rather spacious chicken coop, as coops go. It also has what’s called a chicken run, an elevated outdoor fenced-in area. Still, those four hens feel confined. Many days, late in the afternoon, I’ll open their door. They are waiting! Once open, they rush out the door and run, as fast as their little legs can take them, to my bird feeder where they find easy pickin’s from what the wild birds have dropped. Yes, those four hens sure enjoy being set free.

On a far more serious note; what would you like to be set free from? Perhaps it’s worry or fear. For some it might be guilt. For others it’s the desire to be set free from an addiction. In one week I was dealing with two families where a family member died, the results of a combination of alcohol and drug addictions. Other addictions include gambling and pornography. Some also need to be set free of persistent negative thinking, or set free from gossiping. Still others need to be set free from a love of money or material things. Still others need to be set free from the need for approval or for success.

Christian counselor and author Larry Crabb wrote a book called Inside Out. The blurb on the cover reads, “Real change is possible – if you’re willing to start from the Inside Out.”

We all face circumstances that we believe to be confining, that seem to imprison us from being productive people. Here’s NOT the way to look at how to handle this as a Christian: It is not a matter of gritting our teeth and clenching our fists and telling ourselves that we have to endure what we’re facing or best this thing we’re facing. Here IS the way to look at it: It is a matter of drawing upon the Lord who seeks to live within us. With Him within He can set us free from whatever.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Jesus in John 8:35)


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