The Danger of the Drift

samson_16_02As a boy, one of my favorite Bible stories was about Samson. He was a very strong man — the Bible’s version of the Hulk, who first appeared in comics when I was twelve, in 1962. I remember seeing pictures in my Sunday school literature of Samson carrying off a city gate and of him pushing apart two pillars that held up a building, killing himself and many other people.

Of course, my Sunday school teachers steered clear of some of the details of Samson’s life that would give the story an “R” rating, at the least, for sexual content and violence. When you take a serious look at his short life you realize that he started well but quickly began to mess up his life. Though he was a strong man, he was weak in resisting the culture around him and the passions within him. He consistently drifted from the divine call on his life.

There are many ways we can drift from the best we can be or do. For example, in our marriages. It’s like the couple where every few years the wife came down with a cold. The first year when the newly wed husband heard his wife sneeze he told her, “Oh, honey bunny, you better lay down and take it easy. I’ll get you something nice and warm to drink.” The next year she sneezes and he says, “That’s sounds like a cold coming on.” By the tenth year of marriage, upon hearing his wife sneeze, he says, “Stay away from me, I don’t want to get your cold!”  There are so many other areas of life we can drift – our thought life, our work ethic, in how honest we are, our walk with God.

The journey of life is a series of steps. We rarely jump directly to success or failure, to holiness or sinfulness. It’s one step at a time, in one direction or the other. Both bad habits and good habits form slowly, but form they do!

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” (Colossians 4:2)


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