Finding True Happiness — Happy People Are Totally Engaged


This series is inspired by the book The Law of Happiness (Howard Books, 2011)

by Dr. Henry Cloud, a Christian psychologist and counselor.

Dr. Cloud’s book is a look at happiness from a Biblical/Christian perspective.

I’m building on Dr. Cloud’s thoughts and want to give him proper credit.

Part 6

Happy People Are Totally Engaged 

When I’m taking pictures time seems to fly. I walk around, looking for the right scene. I move to the left, then to the right, kneel, or even get on my stomach to get the best angle. I also look at my camera and determine the right settings to bring out the most of what I’m photographing. I may take a great deal of time doing all of this (just ask my wife Diann who often is with me and patiently waits) but the time seems to fly. A half hour taking pictures seems to go much faster than a half hour in the dentist chair. Both half hours are 30 minutes in length but what a difference!

Dr. Henry Cloud writes that happy people are fully engaged in what they are doing. If we’re serious about being God’s person then we can, and should, believe He has a plan for our lives, a calling. Shouldn’t this excite us? The apostle Paul wrote, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7)

One way to be fully engaged in what we’re doing is to believe that what we’re doing is God’s will for us. Sure, sometimes we may have to decide to make some changes because we may being doing what we’re not gifted by God to do. We may be operating outside God’s will for us because we’ve been talked into or coerced into doing something.

Of course, sometimes we have to do what is not our favorite thing to do; life puts demands on us. We all have our “gotta do” list that’s not on our “wanta do” list. But if we come to the conclusion it’s God’s will for us at the moment, then we should embrace the moment and give it our all, serving in the situation “wholeheartedly” as the apostle Paul put it.

When we give a person a gift we expect them to be excited about the gift once they unwrap it. God’s given us the gift of life. How should we be responding to this gift as we unwrap it each day? St. Irenaeus said that “The glory of God is a man fully alive.” While we live, let’s be fully alive! Happy is the person who is fully engaged in the life God’s given.


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