Finding True Happiness — Happy People Have Faith

faithFinding True Happiness

This series is inspired by the book The Law of Happiness(Howard Books, 2011)
by Dr. Henry Cloud, a Christian psychologist and counselor.

Dr. Cloud’s book is a look at happiness from a Biblical/Christian perspective.
I’m building on Dr. Cloud’s thoughts and want to give him proper credit.

Part 14

“Happy People Have Faith”

Most people claim to believe in God, and would say they have a faith in God. But what does it mean to have faith in God? We can believe in God, but does He impact our lives?

Dr. Cloud writes that “Faith in God connects us to ultimate meaning. When we know him, we understand that all of life has meaning and that we are here for much larger purposes than what happens day to day. We are part of his story and his purposes – which are most likely outside and beyond our own. We also understand that our day-to-day lives mean more than we ever knew.” (p. 194)

What can make us happy most of all is to recognize that the God of the universe created us to be in relationship with Him and to respond by wanting a relationship with Him. He got supremely personal with us by coming to us as one of us, in Jesus. This Jesus gave His very life so we could have a life with God, forever, no longer alienated from Him by our sin, which He took care of on the cross.

Of course God doesn’t impose Himself on us, giving us the option to live as if He doesn’t exist. But if we choose to live in response to Him (it’s called faith) then we have the ultimate happiness that can only be found in Him. Choose to put God first and you’ve made a choice for what can make us happiest. It’s the supreme example of the old maxim that happiness is a choice.

Whenever I find myself unhappy I know that one of my key responses needs to be to refresh my focus on the Lord. He’s the ultimate help and resource I need to deal with any other unhappiness.

The psalmist, speaking of God, declares, “In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.” (Psalm 33:21)


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