Important Stuff to Remember

reminderI’ve reprinted here what I recently wrote for our church’s monthly newsletter.  I asked the question, “What’s some of the important stuff God wants us to remember?” then gave the following answer(s).

1. Remember, we were created in God’s image and then redeemed from being lost from Him (through Jesus) so that we might be in the most amazing relationship with Him. Let’s not ever get over it!

2. Remember, God loves the people He’s put around us as much as He loves us, so let’s love them with the same love with which He loves us.

3. Remember, God wants us to hang out together as His people, to be His church. We need each other! We’re called by Him to grow through giving and receiving the spiritual gifts and love He’s given each of us for each other. We’re called to grow through the giving and accepting of grace and forgiveness from each other!

4. Remember, we’re to see our daily lives as a mission field in which we’re given countless opportunities to influence others for Christ. As a disciple of Jesus’ we’re to be used by Him to help others in becoming disciples of His too!

5. Remember, there’s a lot of hurt out there in this fallen, messed up world. The Lord’s called us to be used of Him to heal some hurt and to help the hurting.

6. Remember, always remember, the Lord. Practice His presence all the time. Keep Him uppermost in your mind, hold Him closer to your heart than anyone else or anything else, and seek to act as He would act if He were in your place.


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