Photovotional — “Out of the Saltshaker”

SaltisOutsmallPhotography is a hobby of mine. One of the outlets I’ve found for my photos is through a web site called iStock which is the world’s largest provider of stock photography. I have over 500 photos for sale on the sight. One of those photos is the accompanying image of a saltshaker tipped over with the salt spilling forth; it’s sold 56 times.

I purposely created the image to express two concepts. First, it’s an image that might be of use to someone writing about healthy eating and the issue of sodium in the diet. Second, it’s an image that can symbolize Christians being an influence in their world. Jesus said to His followers, “You are the salt of the earth.” (Matthew 5:13) It’s this second concept that we’re focusing on here.

Salt’s not of use as long as it’s in the saltshaker. It only salts things when it’s shaken out. You’re reading this other than in a church building or in a gathering of others. Right now you’re out and about with all kinds of people, or likely have been or will be sometime today. Some of those folks probably don’t take Jesus seriously. We can flavor their lives with something of the presence of Christ through our presence!

One of my favorite authors, Tim Keller, describes three factors that have to be present for us to influence others in a Christ-like way. He writes that we must be like those around us, unlike those around us, and engaged with those around us.

We have to be like others, a “regular” person to others, not odd (lots of people have a caricature of Christians being odd). We have to be unlike others in that we should be exhibiting the distinctive characteristics of a person who follows Christ. Then we have to be engaged and by this Keller means two things, that we’re to hang around people who aren’t necessarily followers of Jesus (not living in a Christian bubble) and that we’re to be comfortable in allowing our faith in Christ to show, for instance, engaging in conversations about faith.

We all want our lives to have purpose. I can’t think of a greater purpose than to flavor our little corner of the world with our faith in Christ, can you?


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