Life On Other Planets?

spacestarsScientists announced this week that they believe there are 11 billion habitable planets in our galaxy alone, this information from data gathered from the Kepler telescope. The odds are high that there are plenty of planets where life could exist.

I have no doubt believing in life beyond this earth, the Bible talks about angels, a creation of intelligent beings, that apparently didn’t originate from earth and don’t live here now either (though they make visits). Certainly God has created a profusion of life here on earth so there’s no saying He couldn’t have done it elsewhere. We do know, however, that we humans are unique to Him, for His Son came to earth to become one of us and His form was permanently changed to be like ours. He now has a resurrection body with the permanent nail scars in His hands and feet from His death by humans outside Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago. His incarnation was a once-and-for-all event never to be duplicated, and He will forever have that form, so we humans are special indeed!

We also know God is going to re-make His creation some day. The Bible says, “But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.” (2 Peter 3:13) A better world’s coming, a better cosmos!

We have no idea what we will be doing for eternity as followers of His Son Jesus Christ, who will reign supreme for all of eternity over everything. In our own resurrection bodies will we be able to explore worlds light years away? Will we visit other planets and galaxies to carry out work for Him? This inquiring mind would love to know!

Life beyond what we call death is going to be something now unimaginable! Of course, the Bible makes clear that God will not force anyone to spend eternity with Him who doesn’t want to, and who has no real interest in making Him the center of their own little universe here and now. Decision time is in this space/time continuum. Thanks to God, He’s made it possible for us far-from-perfect (sinful) people to be holy as He is holy and be able to endure being in His holy presence. That’s why Jesus came into the world (Christmas) and died on the cross (Good Friday) and rose again (Easter). That’s why He’s called Savior. He’s our great rescuer.

What an amazing God! What an amazing love He has for us! What an amazing plan He has for eternity! What a future we can have with Him!


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