The Thankful Life, The Wonderful Life

BeanSunriseSmallGrowing up on an Iowa farm, I can tell you that a farmer always breathes a sigh of relief when the crops are harvested. A farmer also rejoices when the harvest has been above average in bushels per acre. Pictured here is a soybean field where I take my morning walk. On this particular morning the sun’s glow painted on the mist added additional color to the golden harvest. It’s a picture of fruitfulness. Thanks be to God, for the farmer only plants the seed; God brings the sunshine, rain, and the miracles of germination, growth, and seed bearing.

What fruits of goodness has God brought into your life recently? It’s easy to overlook the good because the bad and ugly always seem to grab our attention. That’s why having a holiday specifically designed to give thanks, to God and to each other, is important. We need one day a year to remind us what we should be doing the other 364 days in the year: give thanks! What we need to do is get aggressive about being appreciative every day.

The bean field didn’t always look the way it does in this photo. Many days on my walk I found the field to be rather drab looking under a drab sky. In fact, within a few minutes of taking this picture the mist dissipated, the sun rose higher and the field undoubtedly went unnoticed by folks driving on nearby Saint Anthony Road. I’ve always been grateful for the hobby of photography to help me see the wonder in our world that I might otherwise overlook. But we don’t need a camera to capture the wonder of it all, just the decision to be attentive. Author John Piper said of the famous author C. S. Lewis, “He put my soul on notice that there are daily wonders that will waken worship if I open my eyes.” (Don’t Waste Your Life, p. 20) Do we see the daily wonders?

One of the best ways to open our eyes and see what’s wonderful (full of wonder) is to seek to find reasons to be thankful. Being full of thanks tends to make us full of wonder: thankful and wonderful go together. Look around and find reason to be thankful, and amazed! The thank filled life is a wonder filled life!


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