The Importance of Prayer


The photo is of my mother praying. While visiting my mom last year I quietly and quickly snapped the picture. She’s 88 years old, in poor health, and doesn’t get out much. She still works, however. She works at prayer! She always has a long list of people and concerns that takes considerable time each day to cover. Then too, I know she simply talks to God about, whatever. She does not live alone, she knows, for the Lord is her constant companion, and she talks to Him often. 

Most of her praying takes place while she sits in her chair and some while she spends sleepless hours at night in her bed. She tells me, however, that if it’s a really serious situation of crisis proportions she will get flat on her face on the carpet to pray. I suspect that her concluding request at such times is that she can get up again! 

Mom tells me every Saturday afternoon when I call her that she’s praying for my preaching that weekend. I’m really glad to hear that! I tell her that her main job now is to pray. I just returned from a trip to Mexico to visit our daughter and family (my wife Diann is taking a second week with the family). Upon my return home from the Detroit airport I called my mother to tell her of my safe return. She exclaimed, as she always does after my return from a trip, “Thank God.” She means it! 

Prayer is simply communication with God. It seems one-way, for we do all the talking, but, really, it’s two way communication. We may not always realize this, but it’s true. Prayer deepens our relationship with the Lord. 

Yes, prayer is primarily to be relational (communication with Him) but some praying is that of requesting God to act in some way. God’s so designed this world that some of what He wants to get done will only happen when His people pray for it to happen. It was Alfred Tennyson who said that “more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” 

There’s nothing new, deep, or profound in this blog. It’s just intended to remind us that in our busy week, when we do a lot of talking and communicating with people, that we remember to communicate with God. He’s telling us, “Talk to me!” So, whether it’s an extended few minutes in prayer or short “arrow prayers” let’s keep talking to Him! 

Pray continually.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)



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