A Photovotional — Shoes Left Behind

ShoesInRowWhen I recently arrived at Refuge Ranch in Mexico, where our daughter and her family live, I was greeted by a row of tennis shoes drying in the sun after having been washed. At first I thought they were the grand kids’ shoes (there’s seventeen of them, so this was actually a short row of shoes). Come to find out the shoes belonged to the last mission team that had left a couple of days earlier. Many on the team decided to leave their tennis shoes behind, for the kids at Refuge Ranch, my grand kids.

What a great idea! These young people had not only worked hard at the ranch while they were there but had left something behind when they left. Over the next days I saw the shoes being parceled out to the grand kids, one pair at a time.

It got me to thinking, what do we leave behind when we leave a place, a room, a conversation? Do we leave something of value or something that people have to clean up afterward, get rid of, overcome, or counter act?

Do we leave a room having changed the atmosphere for the better? Do we leave a conversation with the other person being glad they had the conversation with us? Is our presence, wherever we are present, a blessing?

There are people I see at a distance in the grocery store that I’m glad to bump into. There are other people I see at the grocery store that, if they haven’t already seen me, tempt me to change direction and take a different aisle. I want others to place me in that first group of people!

God’s called each of us to influence this world for His good, to carry out a small part of His purposes for those He’s put around us. Wherever we go we’re always leaving something behind. May it be God’s blessings we leave behind!

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