Expanding Our Thinking

Appoved stampThe loss of our five-year-old grandson Danny was difficult to deal with, but what made it even more painful was to see what our daughter was going through, having lost her son. Just recently she said that the Lord has helped her to deal with it by giving her an image to hold in her mind.

She felt led to imagine a scene in which God was at His desk the morning of the day Danny died when a paper came across His desk authorizing Danny’s death. She pictured God taking a stamp and stamping the paper APPROVED. She said that of course God has no desk and doesn’t get up in the morning, but thinking of it that way has brought her a deeper level of acceptance and comfort.

How does God want us to think about anything and everything? That’s the crucial question. It will often mean a paradigm shift in thinking: thinking outside the box of what we normally think. 

Faith in God isn’t about believing that we can get Him to do what we want; it’s about trusting Him to do what He wants. Faith in God demands flexibility on our part. We aren’t supposed to make God in our image, the image we want Him to be; we’re supposed to be made in His image, more and more. God can’t be tamed! He isn’t a domesticated deity who yields to our demands.

What would He want us to think? In what ways does He want us to think outside the boxes of our own habitually narrow, small, self-centered ways of thinking?

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8) 


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