Pursued by God

FishermanNetSmallOn a recent vacation with our two children and their families in Mexico, Diann and I were walking along the Pacific Ocean beach when we spotted this fisherman. I set my camera so the shutter would take a series of photos as the fisherman cast his net. This is one of the images I captured.

The image reminds me of the time Jesus extended an invitation to Peter and Andrew, two fishermen He knew. “’Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’” (Matthew 4:19)

The kind of fishing Peter and Andrew did was with nets, much as the modern day fisherman in Mexico that Diann and I spotted. The fisherman didn’t wait for a fish to take the bait on the end of a line. The fisherman we observed was aggressive, not passive; tossing the net and pulling the net in, seeking to net the fish.

In inviting His followers to be fishermen of people Jesus is implying that they are to aggressively reach out to people for Him. It’s a reminder that God is downright aggressive in His wanting us to be caught up in a relationship with Him.

Too often we picture God as being uninterested, uncaring, or reluctant to connect with us. We can operate on the premise that we have to search out God and convince Him to pay attention to us. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are not the spiritual seeker, God is. He is always seeking us out, wanting a relationship with us infinitely more than we want a relationship with Him. The great Christian writer C. S. Lewis referred to God as “the hound of heaven” because he felt that when he finally yielded to God he realized God had been pursuing him all along.

We don’t have to run after God, we just have to stop running from Him. We don’t have to find God, we just have to let ourselves be found. He is not aloof from us but is anxious to be with us. We’re to live with the perspective of being pursued by God!


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