Trusting God

CarolynaWhile visiting our daughter Julie and her family in Mexico a visiting nurse stopped by to give shots to all seventeen of the kids. Being a compassionate grandfather, I hung around to take pictures of the unfolding drama, and a drama it was!

Some of the older boys should have understood that getting the shots was for their own good, but they obviously didn’t see it that way. Their father had to physically hold some of them. They fought it, they cried, and they got mad. Julie tried to comfort some of the others, but one refused to be comforted and wailed loudly with her mouth open wide enough for a bird to fly into. A few of the kids, however, were calm; they trusted their parents’ decision to allow a stranger to poke them with a long needle.

It’s frustrating for a parent to see their child be in such fear of getting a shot when it’s for the child’s own good. The child is usually too young to understand about antibiotics and how they work and why the parents are allowing a perfect stranger to stab them with a long needle. There are a few children, however, who do trust what the parents are doing as they allow the painful process to happen.

Life is full of painful experiences. Why does our Heavenly Father allow such things? The fact is, we’re never going to understand all that’s going on and all that God is up to. If we wait to trust until we understand we’re never going to trust! I want to be like the child who doesn’t cry at getting a shot because there’s a trust in the parents. I want that kind of trust in my Heavenly Father, don’t you?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)


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