PathwayTreeSmallOn a hillside near Inwood, Iowa is a tree with a winding path mowed into the tall grass. It’s an inviting path, so I walked it! I’ve photographed a number of paths over the years, I suppose because of the metaphor they inspire. The metaphor is that of a journey. We’re all on one. We’re all on a path. Every path we take has three parts – where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going. We no longer have a choice as to where we came from or where we are, but we do have a choice as to where we’re going. In this case, I could have trekked through the tall grass about 800 feet to the left and walked a gravel road.

I chose to stick with the mowed path. We have the God-given ability to make choices, to choose the path we want to travel. We can do better than react to our environment. We can respond!

There are the big choices of what education to get, what job to take, where to live, what car to buy, whether to marry and who to marry. Then there’s the many little mini-choices we make each day of the attitude we’ll adopt, the response we’ll make in a conversation, the thought we let settle in the mind or decide to reject.

I believe the biggest choice we make is what to do with God. Will He be nothing to us but a fiction of the foolish faith of others, a theoretical concept of no practical value, a distant deity to whom we pray when desperate, or will He be the center of our existence around whom we live and work and have our being? I am, of course, a big proponent for the latter.

I often pray something to the effect, “Lord, where would you have me go today, what would you have me think or say?” I want to follow His will for my life, not that this will always be easy, though I know it will be ultimately the best way. This is the path I want to be on!

“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” (Psalm 16:11)


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